Hello, I'm Gilbert. I am an interaction designer who'd like to solve problems by design.

Through intentionality, design, and collaboration with others, I sculpt the most solid form of design expression that allows the user to interact, learn and feel.

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Microsoft Office Researcher

Designing experience for Microsoft Word to help student to discover and collect core subject matter knowledge much more efficiently than with traditional search tools.

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LG Optimus UI 2.0

Launching and evolving LG’s first Android UI

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Sound design guideline for designers

The appropriate use of sounds has the potential to add a great deal to convey information in interactive commodities. However, sound is a largely unexplored medium as a design element in interaction design community.

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UX designer, Microsoft
in Seattle area

Since acquiring Bachelor degree in Industrial Engineering in 2009, I have been seeking every opportunity to become a better designer. Design thinking, conceptual design, wireframing, prototyping, visual design and motion design, you name it. As a first step, I joined LG electronics mobile department as a UX designer. Whilst this journey, I learned the importance of intention and value of the design, and how I communicate my design to stakeholders to make it happen in the corporate environment.

More recently, I spent a few wild years at Microsoft sharpening my design questions to the world. Yes, I am still learning every day and will keep doing this ‘design, fail, learn and repeat’

I believe the statement that “Products are vivid argument about
how we should live our lives”. Because of this, I am deeply motivated to create systems where design can make an impact to our mundane lives.

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